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Focusing on improving our client’s
overall galvanising experience.

Thinking Forward

Creating a better galvanising future for our clients by advancing how a galvanising plant should function and operate, to effectively increase production, decrease turnaround time and eradicate environmental waste to 0%.

Although we are focused on your needs, Monoweld is also concerned with the impact that the galvanizing plant has on the environment and the health and well-being of its workers. To this end, the new plant has been designed to reduce emissions and subsequently its carbon footprint, with the potential to be emission-free in the final stages of upgrading

biggest galvanising kettle in the Southern Hemisphere

Monoweld boasts a zinc kettle measuring an impressive 15.3m long by 3.5m deep, by 2m wide. This world class German-manufactured kettle from Pillings is complemented by a state-of-the-art, gas fired furnace system which should see the company reduce its dependence on electricity and working greener to reduce its carbon footprint.

the galvanising process



A heated alkaline solution is used to remove contaminants from the steel such as dirt, grease, and oil.



To remove mill scale and iron oxides (rust), the steel goes through a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid.



Through the final surface preparation step, any remaining oxides are removed in a heated zinc ammonium chloride solution and a protective layer is deposited on the steel to prevent any further oxides from forming prior to galvanising.



A dryer’s action reduces splashing and ejections of zinc during its descent into the zinc bath, also decreasing thermal shock and the furnaces’ working times.



Steel will be immersed in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc kettle contains at least 98% pure zinc and is maintained at a temperature of 450º C. While steel is immersed in the kettle, the zinc reacts with the iron in the steel to form a series of metallurgically bonded zinc-iron alloy layers with the final top layer being 100% zinc.



To ensure optimum corrosion protection, there are various quality checks. A visual inspection of the galvanised steel is conducted, the thickness of the Zinc coating and many more.


Total flexibility.

  • Throughput processing capability, especially on large contracts and projects, which results in faster delivery to site.
  • Design and fabrication constraints on large and bulky products are significantly reduced.
  • Enables the hot dip galvansing of certain products which previously had to be painted.
  • The Line 1 kettle eliminates the need for double-dipping on fabricated items between 2.3m and 3.4m in height, resulting in better quality finishes at a lower cost.
  • Consistent good quality.

Superior Capability

Monoweld Galvanizers is well equipped to handle any large project where speed of throughput is a critical requirement. There is an abundance of space for loading, post galvanising inspection and warehousing, with eight loading bays and in excess of 12 000m² of warehouse area. The facility is served by 30 overhead cranes and 5 forklifts.

Added Value

  • Technical assistance on corrosion protection and correct fabrication for hot dip galvanising
  • Post galvanising backup services
  • Transport service for collection and delivery
  • Lay-down areas for inspection and collation
  • Dispatching direct to site
  • Shot blasting facility on site
  • Mobile thermal zinc metal spraying units
  • Subcontractor office space with data conversion capability
  • Full data pack on completion of the project
  • Loading of Containers

The monoweld way

Monoweld is a business with family values and when it comes to family, people and relationships are what’s most important.

At Monoweld you work with people and not a corporation, with the type of people that understand the importance of you and your time. To better serve our clients we are modernising our facility, automatising the process of galvanising, and striving to put out less environmental waste, all to offer the fastest turnaround time service without compromising on quality.



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